Manager sales for health insurance

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Skills: Sales & Distribution

Job Summary:

Enable achievement of key business outcomes
• Build a quality Agency by focusing on quality of hire and skilling
• Ensure adherence to all statutory and compliance requirements
Key Responsibilities (Mention a detailed description of key areas of focus, essential functions and primary responsibilities required to be performed by the incumbent to achieve business objectives) Key Measures of Performance (Describe the major performance assessing criteria and expectations from the role)
a. Achievement of Business Plans
? Ability to manage all the parameters of their business;
? Recruitment
? Activisation
? Premium Collection
? Case Rate and Case count
? Persistency
? Ensure that the Agents are engaged, motivated and productive by forging a strong relationship
? Ensure that Agents are constantly inducted, activated and productive
? Drive the incentive schemes to ensure that the Agent’s income exceeds benchmark
? Drive the R&R schemes floated by HO, ZO and branch
? Support the Agents in liaison with the HO for addressing their requirements/ concerns
? Being fully compliant to all the norms laid down by the regulators and the company
? Manage channel conflicts in the team
? To achieve product wise targets & profitability
? Understand the Agent’s business in depth and seek opportunities for business development and revenue generation
b. Team Building
? Goal setting of all Agents in the team
? Regular and periodic review, monitoring and mentoring of all the relationship they are managing to ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals
? Regular Field observation and Demonstration with the agency force
? Regular Agent visit
• New GWP
• Renewal GWP
• Renewal no. of cases
• Active agents and PA
• New Agents Hiring
• Audit findings
Key Relationships (Internal / External) (Mention the set of key internal and external stakeholders)
Internal: Agency Team & Cross Functional Teams
External: Agents & Policy Holders
Preferred Skill Set (Describe the nature and level of key skill required\preferred to perform the jobs e.g. interpersonal skills, problem solving ability and business expertise)
a. Analytical Skills
• Designing Sales Strategies to achieve the business goals
• Analytical skills to read , interpret MIS
• Skill sets to handle a team of agents to achieve the business goals
b. Domain Knowledge
• Sound domain knowledge of the health insurance policies and practice in India
• Good knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements and compliances
c. Leadership Attributes
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to manage a team, keep it motivated
• Result orientation
• Ability to spot and utilize opportunities
• Energetic and enthusiastic personality
Minimum Qualification Minimum Experience
• Graduation in any discipline from a recognized educational institute
2-4 years of relevant work experience

1 Year
Functional Area / Department
Banking / Insurance
Industry Type