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Why Recruiters Should Choose Monday Joining?

Monday Joining is a platform ‘Beyond Run-of-the-mill Job Descriptions’. Whether you are seeking seasoned professionals, wanting to learn more about current industry trends or simply need some awesome advice on recruitment best practices, we can help.

Reasons to partner with Monday Joining. Apart from being a unique platform,

  • Monday Joining offers recruiters a best-in-class experience for FREE.
  • Not only do you save time, but also have the freedom to find the right candidate.
  • We work as a team and understand your pain-points.
  • Our PAN-India reach is immense—not limiting your talent search to one city.
  • Our specialist teams and verified analysis will help you find long-term professionals.

Points to Keep In Mind

  • Candidates are available to join an organization within a 0-14 day window.
  • You have the ability to review and select up to 300 resumes per month free of cost.
  • The number of offers rejected by a candidate through Monday Joining will be displayed.
  • Reaching out to candidates directly through other mediums is an unethical practice.

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