What Do Recruiters See In A Perfect Candidate Profile?

A lot of you may wonder why is it so difficult to land a job even though I have the right skills. It's probably because you have the right skills, but do you know how do you present those skills? A lot of times we may not clear an interview because of misrepresentation. What you need to do is work on soft skill development.

If you knew the secrets of what goes on in a recruiter's mind, you can present yourself better during an interview. This will increase your chances of landing the job you want.

Here are some tips which will help you improve your interview skills.

1. Positive Attitude

A person with a pleasing personality is liked by everyone. Optimistically represent yourself. Even when you disagree with the interviewer, do not let that smile fade away. Let them know that you are a cheerful person who is ready to accept a different point of view. It is closely linked with business professionalism. Another thing to keep in mind would be not to speak ill about your last employer.

2. Good Communication Skills

Now, good communication is often confused for having a flawless command over English. That is a misconception! What recruiters want is someone who can communicate clearly and proactively. Your engagement style should be welcoming.

3. Transparency & Honesty

If you want the recruiter to trust you, you need to give them a reason to do so. Avoid hiding your past work experiences or anything which could be a concern for the recruiter. The right organization will always appreciate your quality of being transparent. Let them know of the mistakes you made in the past, and tell them what have you done to make sure you won’t repeat them.

4. Confidence

It is no secret that confidence is the major key to clearing an interview. While it is okay to be a little nervous, make sure you are not a mess. Do not undersell yourself & make sure you don't have a weak posture during the interview.

5. Willingness to Learn

While your existing skills and experience matter, your willingness to learn is a very strong factor that determines your selection & rejection at an interview. If the interviewer asks you about something you don't know, be honest about it and let them know that you are willing to learn & acquire those skills

6. Self-Motivation

Apart from being someone who supports the management, recruiters are constantly looking for proactive people. Someone self-motivated is believed to be able to manage their time well which results in one being more productive. Remember to tell the recruiters about the initiatives you took at your last organization to improve a procedure or a policy.

7. Strong Work Ethic

Prove yourself of having a strong work ethic. Let the recruiter know of how you went the extra mile to achieve your goals or how your high levels of productivity made your previous employer happy. Do not wait for the interviewer to ask that question, but mention that into the conversation very subtly.

8. Team Worker

A common mistake people make while interviewing for a job is that they mention the word 'single-handedly' a lot! While the recruiters want someone independent, they also want someone capable of working with a team. Someone who shows a history of being able to adjust with their teammates is considered a team player.

9. Adaptable to Change

Never portray yourself as someone who is not very receptive to change. Unforeseen circumstances are very common which is why you need to represent yourself as a flexible person. Describe the recruiter of a situation where you adjusted for the organization.

10. Non-Judgemental Attitude

Workplace harassment and discrimination had become very common in the past. To remove that recruiters have not only changed the company policy but now preferring candidates with an open attitude. Make sure to let your employer know how you respect everyone, regardless of anything.

These are a few things interview tips, which will get you through.


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