List of Upcoming Jobs In Demand

We no longer live in an era where one has only a handful of career opportunities. The traditional career options were lawyer, doctor, teacher, or engineer. But as technology has progressed, there are many new areas of work open to people. Interestingly, these new career options will be the most desired skills and become the highest paying jobs in the future. If you are looking to upgrade your skills and planning your future career growth, you need to know about these most demanded upcoming jobs opportunities:

Data Scientists

Data science is a relatively new career option and is currently on a surge. There has been a 40% rise in the demand of data scientists since 2019. Now, what does a data scientist do? They use scientific methods and process the raw data using machine learning-based tools. They help manage and organise a massive amount of data and gather insights which help improve various aspects of a business. Although, the trend is that mostly people from an engineering background opt for this career path, but anyone who is a graduate can become a data scientist by just pursuing a master’s course in data science. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the market.

Lead Generation Specialist

In the past year, the demand for lead generation specialists has increased tremendously. They are the ones responsible for identifying the prospect clients/customers as well as converting those leads into successful sales. A lead generation specialist needs to have strong market research skills and advanced knowledge about digital marketing. You can easily land a job in this area with a degree in marketing or communications.

Career Counsellors

As we talk about careers, we know that it has become the centre of our world. Every individual wants to work to the best of their abilities. People don’t just want jobs, but they want a career and wish work in an area which is best suited to their capabilities. This is where career counsellors play a major role. More and more parents have started to take their kids to a career counsellor after they finish school. In fact, parents these days take their children to a counsellor just when they have to choose a stream for further studies. Becoming a career counsellor has a very promising growth.

Cyber Security Specialists

With the increase in cybercrimes and scams, the need for cybersecurity specialists has increased. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for protecting data against phishing, denial-of-service attacks, hacking, malware, and viruses. One needs to have basic knowledge of IT, penetration testing, and network security. If you are good with computer language, this could be a really good job for you.

Marketing/Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing is an ever-growing area, and good marketers always grow. If you have the zeal to work in this industry and have good ideas, no one can stop you from reaching heights. Since everything is moving online, there is a lot of focus on digital marketing. In the coming time, demand for digital marketers will be exceedingly high. If you wish to become a digital marketing manager, you require to have good knowledge of the online world, along with a degree in digital marketing & communications.

Nutritionist & Dieticians

More and more people have been focusing on their health and eating right. As you scroll through your Instagram, you would find people posting before and after pictures with amazing transformations. To reach their desired weight, people have been visiting nutritionists, and this trend is only expected to rise in the future. It is believed that in the next 10 years, every 3 out of 5 people will have a nutritionist.

Influencers & Influencer Managers

For the past few years, we have been seeing a constant growth in the usage of social media, and this gives us more opportunities to explore the online world. Influencers and bloggers have a great platform to showcase their talent and grow. A good content creator can easily influence people which is why they are hired by brands to attract consumers. Now, if we have influencers, the need for influencer managers rises automatically. They are responsible for pairing up the right influencer with the right brand, and later on, negotiating on both- the brand & the influencer’s side.


People nowadays have started to focus on the importance of mental health. Going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist was shameful in the 2000s, but now it is a sign that you are taking care of yourself. People have been consulting psychologists for everything from stress to severe problems like ADHD. The demand for psychologists is only going to rise in the future. They will be demanded in clinics but, in organisations as well.

The job market in India has evolved tremendously, and the demand for these job profiles will only increase in future. If you have been looking forward to changing your current career line, or just starting a career, investing in these professions could turn out to be great.