Top Things To Do When A Resume Fails To Dazzle Recruiters

Your resume is an important tool for job search. It is the first thing that reaches the recruiter, so it is safe to say, “Your resume is your first impression.”

But is your resume the truest representation of you that a potential recruiter should consider? And if your resume fails to impress the recruiter, can you undo that? Well, if done right, there are chances that your resume can spark their curiosity about your potential and add value to their point of view. However, if the recruiter is not impressed by your resume, either they will reject your candidature, or they will take a chance and enquire more about your professional skills over a call. If the latter happens, consider it a miracle and it is on you to turn the tables around. In the real world, it seldom does!

Here are a few pointers that not only help you create an edge but also help you pen down your strongest qualities that can be great conversation points to ace at an interview:

Revamp Your Resume

If you are not getting any reverts, even though you think you are perfect for the role, then there is something drastically wrong with your resume. You must proofread your resume a dozen times, get it read by a friend and if possible, get it reviewed by a senior. Make sure you figure out the problem and fix it. It will be great if you can innovate on the look and feel of the resume as well, to ensure it is easy on the eye and does not have a chunk of information for the recruiter to read through.

Connect Over LinkedIn

If your resume is not getting you the edge you hoped for, complement it with some interaction by leveraging social media. Well, we do not suggest you friend a recruiter over Facebook or Instagram but connecting over LinkedIn can be beneficial. One of the most popular ways to engage with professionals, you can get acquainted with the recruiter by dropping them a message stating your interest in the job opportunity or updating them with a short synopsis about your career so far and that you have applied for the job. This way, you might be in a position to do what your resume was not able to — get you an interview!

Seek Professional Help

We may be experts at what we do, perhaps just not that great at showcasing it on our resumes. If you feel that you have given it your best and possibly tried everything in your stride to make a great impression, yet not receiving a call-back, get in touch with a professional resume writing service. Seeking professional help can be an advantage as they are professionals and know exactly what the recruiters like and dislike.

Share Your Portfolio

If you feel that your resume is not doing any justice at dazzling a recruiter while describing your experience and expertise, then you would probably not receive a call for an interview. To avoid such disappointments, attach your previous work samples whenever you are sending out your resume. The entire walkthrough of your career that is complemented with samples adds value and leaves a deeper impact of the expertise you possess. The recruiter would be better engaged with your profile and also understand where you come from professionally. What’s even better? If they approve of your work quality, the chances of getting an interview call would be a lot higher than your previous attempts.

Dawn Many Hats But Not Just On The Same Resume

You might be a highly capable person with tons of experience across various verticals in an organization, however, your resume might need you to be more specific about the job you apply to. Your resume should be centered around specific skills and experience that connect with all your job profiles over the years. A team leader might indeed be good at finance, however, while you are applying for the role of a team leader you need to accentuate your worth in that particular role. Your resume is bound to dazzle recruiters only if you showcase what they want to see.

Use Your Network

If your resume failed to get you through the interview process, a little networking won’t harm. Someone in your network or an extended network might be working in the potential organization you are keen to join. Asking for an employee reference is a great move. Not only would you have an edge over others, but you will also have a lead to follow-up with the recruiter through an inside person. Referrals are old school, but they work like a charm.

Well Drafted Cover Letter

Put in a little extra effort to impress the recruiter by drafting an insightful cover letter. Most candidates avoid attaching a cover letter, but these little efforts help you in impressing your prospective employer. While a resume is factual, your cover letter is personal. This will demonstrate your interest in the job and will show the employer that you did your research.

Post Interview Efforts

You may feel like you have done everything you could, but there is more! The employer may evaluate you even after the interview which is why little gestures can still help you influence their decision. To indicate that you deeply care about the job, send a follow-up email to the recruiter two days after your application. If possible, give the recruiter a call instead of sending an email and try having an intellectual conversation.

Your resume plays an important role in forming your image in the recruiter’s eyes, but the decision is not solely based on the same. Little pre-interview efforts and post-interview gestures can help you dazzle the recruiter.