Make Sure Your Resume Survives The Six-Second Test

The modern age generation has an attention span of a goldfish. They look at something and if it doesn’t interest them, they move on to the next thing within a matter of seconds. Such is the case with recruiters! Several studies have successfully shown that recruiters scan a resume for six seconds before deciding if the applicant is a good fit for the role. In other words, you have only six seconds on your watch to impress the recruiter. To hold their attention, your resume needs to be well-written and interesting. In fact, if your resume is well-formatted and aesthetically appealing, there is nearly 25% higher chances of the recruiter shortlisting you for an interview.

So, if your resume is well-connected and successfully highlights all your selling points, it will increase your chances of being shortlisted for an interview. To make it happen, follow the tips below:

Simple Resume Format

While your resume needs to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, the format of your resume should be simple. Keep the format easy to read, and maintain the white balance. It is important to give the recruiter information about your experience and skills, but do not stuff it. Some white space is good and acts as a break for the recruiter’s eyes. Also, choose a simple font!

Bullet Points are the Key

Reminder: The recruiter has only six seconds! Break the information and explain it in bullet points. The headlines should be as simple as Certifications, Education, Achievements, etc. Write the information in pointers under the headings making it easier to perceive for the recruiter. You can add a paragraph, here and there to break the monotony.

Resume Headline & Professional Summary

Many people skip the resume headline as well as the professional summary, but the fact is that these two things are a salient part of a good resume. The resume headline is the first thing anyone reads on your resume. Therefore, it needs to be captivating. If we talk about the professional summary, it is necessary to provide vital information to the recruiter. The recruiter might not have the time to go through your entire resume, hence if your professional summary is crisp and clear, you are good to go.

Contact Information

While a recruiter is going through your resume, they also consider how reachable are you? Several people apply for the same position and have similar qualifications. The recruiters will reach out to you only if your contact information is readily available. Make sure that you mention your phone number and email address on the top.

Numbers & Quantified Achievements

You may have seen people explain everything they did at their last job. They write about every responsibility they had, but they miss out on quantifying their achievements or even mentioning them. Employers these days prefer candidates who have a record of going the extra mile. Even when you do explain your job responsibilities and achievements, make sure you quantify them. “Achieved 70% sales growth for my team within 3 months” is easier to read and remember than, “Achieved significant growth in sales for the organization.”

Relevant Information Only

It is great that you won a dance competition on a national level, but a recruiter would not want to know that while you are applying for an accounting job. Do not include information that is not relevant for the job you are applying. It will only clutter your resume!

Mention About Your Leadership Skills

Organizations these days are looking for self-starters. It is great that you have been a wonderful employee so far, but have ever taken an initiative or led a project? If the recruiter gets a sense from your resume that exemplifies you as a leader, you can easily pass the six-second resume test.

We live in a digital world which is why almost all business networking starts online. Mentioning your social profiles like LinkedIn & Twitter on your resume portrays that you are professionally active online. Adding your online portfolio links gives you brownie points.

There is no ideal answer to ‘How to make a good resume?’ It is all about capturing the recruiter’s attention and making them read your resume longer than six seconds!